The Tree Health Centre

What We Want to Build

The Tree Health Centre will be a purpose-built facility for teaching professionals and members of the public about the risks, challenges and practicalities of managing all aspects of tree health. Training courses will be given by specialists and cater to all levels of expertise. The large and diverse collection (1500 different woody plant species), location, reputation, and partnerships (e.g. with RBG Kew and DEFRA scientists based near York) of the Yorkshire Arboretum site make it ideal for this purpose.
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The government has identified a significant skills shortage in the field of tree health and it is clear that there is a lack of understanding of the issues surrounding biosecurity in general, which has contributed substantially to the current crisis. Protecting our trees has never been more important - we genuinely face the prospect of a calamitous loss of trees across the country, threatened by an unprecedented array of pests and pathogens.

The Tree Health Centre will operate from a new 170m² building that offers space for learning and activity, demonstration and engagement, administration, storage catering and welfare. The facility will be a study site providing a unique indoor-outdoor, blended learning experience offering the arboretum’s varied collection of mature, maturing and young trees, including native and non-native broadleaf and coniferous trees.

The centre will include specialist tree health survey equipment along with the latest IT and visualisation teaching equipment. It will work with professional and learned societies, regulatory bodies and educational establishments to provide a mix of accredited and general courses on tree health survey, inspection and assessment techniques and plant biosecurity.