Tree Health Courses

The Tree Health Centre will provide a comprehensive range of training courses covering a breadth of subjects relating to tree health, pests and diseases. The courses will be packaged to appeal to a variety of stakeholders, ranging from 3 hours to 3 days in duration.

Courses will make use of the Yorkshire Arboretum setting with a rich resource of live trees evidencing a mix of pests and pathogens. Courses will have dedicated training facilities and laboratory space offering specialist testing, demonstration and teaching equipment.

The outcome of the course prospectus delivered from this unique teaching environment will be a highly engaging and immersive learning experience. Course delegates will enjoy memorable and interactive teaching sessions that impart specialist knowledge in a long-lasting way. The principle aim is to equip every learner with meaningful skills according to the course that they have attended. Every course delegate will be an advocate of responsible tree management; capable of recognising common tree pests and diseases and responding according to their professional responsibilities or personal interests.

Course participants will benefit in a multitude of ways:

  • Professional delegates will attend courses to improve their skills for the benefit of their business and for their own Continuous Professional Development (CPD),

  • Keen amateurs will attend for the benefit of personal learning and to increase their skills and potential employability,

  • School children will be exposed to the issues of tree health from an early age which might provoke further interest for some students later in life.